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Unknown (WT)


Unknown (WT) – Moodtrailer

Director / Co-Writer

Narrative middle-length feature

Current Status: Story Development / Financing



Unknown is the story of Helene, a young withdrawn daydreamer living anonymous in a crowded western metropolis. Sharing her feelings and thoughts almost only in little poems and notes she starts to hide them in public places, while she retires more and more from people and society. When one day an unknown stranger starts some kind of communication by answering them, she starts dithering between her sociophobic fear and interest. Finally meeting they find out that their presence could give them much more than they ever expected…


This story is about the moment you ask where the one person is Northwest Territories find phone , who feels exactly the same as you in exactly the same moment.
It’s about the feeling to only be able to scream to your inside, to find someone who seems to know you better than you know yourself.
About the joy of the unknown.




CAST (Moodtrailer):

Naz Gazaz


CREW (Moodtrailer):

Director, Writer, Editor – Nils Strüven
DoP, Light – Maik Astheimer


Hardware: Canon EOS 550D / Zeiss Distagon Primes

Software: Adobe Premiere CS5, After Effects CS5

© 2012




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